MT-LT integrated system for cascade applications R134a-CO2

MPC is ideal for medium size retail shops. Refrigeration capacity at NT is between 20 and 180 kW. The system uses 2, 3 or 4 compressors. Refrigeration capacity at LT is between 4 and 70 kW, using 2 or 3 compressors.

Low energy costs: Adopting a cascade-system rather than a traditional system using synthetic refrigerant, it becomes possible to achieve higher levels of efficiency, which translate into lower energy costs.

Smaller dimensions, lower costs: MT and LT in a single, compact system, costing less to run than two separate refrigeration units.

High reliability: The MPC is equipped with dual CO2 condensing circuits, so that the unit can be kept running even while maintenance is in progress.

Ease of maintenance and installation: using 3D computer-aided design, the various components of the unit were positioned in such a way as to guarantee ease of access for maintenance purposes.