Have a promenade at the Univerexport Hypermarket!

Arneg and Intrac together in Novi Sad

Univerexport hypermarket is located in the Promenada Shopping Mall in Novi Sad, Serbia.

The name “Promenada” refers to the layout concept that invites people to walk around the store just like in a “promenade”, with exact forecasted routes for customers passing through many different areas. Starting from traditional areas such as fruit and vegetables, butchery and wine area, up to other areas offering the most refined culinary experiences such as local food, organic corner, fresh fish, gastronomy, bakery and pastry, juice and salad bar... and a flower corner with fresh flowers and floral arrangements.

With this store, opened in November 2018, Univerexport has consolidated its position as the largest national retail chain in the Serbian market.

The Arneg Group took part in the project both with Arneg refrigerated cabinets and with shelving and dry furniture from its subsidiary Intrac.

Among the refrigerated furniture we find the LONDON 3 line, here used both as a showcase and as a semi-vertical cabinet in all its configurations and purposes: for example for cold cuts and dairy products, for gastronomy also with a bain-marie hot case, in the fish corner both as a served and self-service cabinet.

The store has also shown to keep an eye on energy savings through the use of vertical refrigerated cabinets with glass-doors, such as SANTIAGO 2 and OSAKA 3P, Arneg's latest models characterized by modern, flat and minimalist shapes.

But among all, the BARCELLONA showcase stands out here and is present in all its possible versions: dry, pie warmer, for salads, but also for cakes, with both serve-over counters and a vertical display case to show desserts and fine pastries almost in a museum-like setting... so inviting as to make customers' mouths water in their promenade.

Intrac, instead, fills the sales area with its most versatile product line. Shelving of all types and sizes, self-service dispensers for the bread area, displays for flowers, workspace furniture, wooden cabinets with doors and many other pieces are all part of the same furniture product line: the IMZ25 line.

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