Pick n Pay in Constantia renews its supermarket with a colorful layout

For a better shopping experience: simple, clear and efficient!

Constantia, 24 October 2017

The Pick n Pay supermarket in the Constantia Village in Cape Town, South Africa shines in a new light.

With its 5000 square meters of surface area, a wide range of fresh products and a new colorful layout, the revamped supermarket offers customers a totally innovative shopping experience: simple, intuitive and clear thanks to the product departments division according to the use of specific colors.

Arneg and Oscartielle were chosen as suppliers of the commercial refrigeration.

Both companies proposed their best solutions with avant-garde design, assigning to the furnishings the specific color of the displayed merchandise, for example: the color red for furniture containing meat, blue for fish and green for vegetables.

The result is amazing.

Arneg and Oscartielle offered special solutions: starting from vertical cabinets such as LISBONA 2, PANAMA 3P, SANTIAGO 2, ASTANA and OSAKA 3P with full vision doors, passing through semi-verticals like PANAMA 3P, LUCERNA 2 and GENIUS, to the serve-over counters LONDON 3, BARCELLONA, CANNES and LAGUNA, the serve-over counter DORADO, the closed island TORONTO and the hot-case ARGUS and LONDON 3.

All the models are equipped with LED lights to improve product visibility and reduce energy consumption.

The rear service cabinet LOSANNA 2, in its version with doors, is the piece of furniture that stands out most in the store.

The renewed Pick n Pay in its new concept, easy-to-navigate, represents a new shopping experience for Constantia's customers who can easily recognize and choose the best products from a wide offer: the bakery, the delicatessen, the butchery, the fish shop and the fruits and vegetables department.

But that is not all.

The new store, in order to guarantee a unique shopping experience, offers customers many other services, such as a wide sushi area, a coffee shop and an entire clothing department.

What more could you ask for at a supermarket? The new concept of Pick'n Pay is really worth visiting for a unique experience!


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